#OmemmaChallenge: Judikay, Eezee Tee & Wife Do Slow Mo’ Video for Omemma Challenge

One of the top trending songs rocking the digital space and on the lips of many Nigerians is Omemma by Eezee Concept Powerhouse singer and songwriter Judikay.

It’s no news that Judikay’s “Omemma” is currently making quite a splash in the country as fans and music lovers take to social media, expressing their delight with covers, engagements for the addictive praise jam. Also on the trends on TikTok is the #OmemmaChallenge which has also seen lot of Nigerian celebrities and influencers jump on the challenge including comedian Josh 2 Funny and popular Nollywood Actor, Anti-Drug Abuse Campaigner, and singer – David Jones David.

Lots of other online users have joined the Omemma Challenge online by sharing personal videos of them dancing along to the song. Founder and CEO of Eezee Conceptz, Eezee Tee alongside his wife and label artiste Judikay recenetly jumped on the trends with a fun-funny video of them doing a slow-motion dance to the song.

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