ZOI MAGAZINE October 2022 Issue: Praise Peterson – In Every Season, God Showed Up

How’s your day going? I bet God is showing up for you in every season; the ups and downs can’t weigh down your shining light. This an inspiring interview of Praise Peterson, who’s a resident pastor with ECG TJNC Durban, South Africa and he’s here to tell us how God has been good in every journey of his life.

Praise Peterson was born in Zimbabwe, currently based in Durban, South Africa. One time, stayed on Billboard top 100 Gospel charts and this got him play listed on Gospel Reach Radio station alongside Fred Hammond and some other big names in the industry.

This interview will teach you how you could trust God and He’ll never let you down.

Brace yourself, as we take you into the roller coaster of a Zoi Life.

Who is Praise Peterson?

I’m a disciple of Jesus Christ, Husband, Father, Apostle, a recording artist, Author and an Entrepreneur.

I was born in Zimbabwe, currently based in Durban, South Africa.

What is it about music that makes you feel fulfilled?

The fact that, it’s a universal language that carries power to bring different people together.

How was writing “Yes & Amen” like and what’s the inspiration behind it?

It was an emotional period for me, a point  where I had to remind myself the scripture, 2Corithians 1:20.

The song is actually an exaltation song, which encourages the listener and reminding them of, what God said concerning them and to hold on to His promises.

What’s the best piece of advice you ever got from a fellow musician?

Be yourself. The real you, communicates better and people connects more with anything authentic.

What type of artiste would you prefer to collaborate with?

At this present time, anyone that does something different from what I’m do. A creative artiste, creating something new, would be nice.

Are you still with Lunjeal Music Group and how’s the journey been?

Yes! I am still with Lunjeal Music Group and the journey has been a great one. My song was on the Billboard top 100 Gospel charts and this got me play listed on Gospel Reach Radio station alongside Fred Hammond and some other big names in the industry.

How has moving the Gospel forward with ECG been?

Very revolutionary. I received an awesome platform to reach more people as a musician and recently by the grace of God, I’m now the resident pastor of ECG TJNC Durban, South Africa.

How has your Christian journey been and how has it affected your music?

I grew up in a Christian home where my Mother was a Pastor and this was actually what grounded me over the years and pushed me to be a Christian/Gospel artist. The journey had ups and downs but in every season God showed up.

Please explain your creative process · What’s an average day like for you?

My creative process always starts from what the Holy Spirit drops in the spirit. It can be a melody first, or a title. It takes time to sit and expand. An average day for me really, depends on which day, as most of my days are sectionalised for mainly God, Family and Business.

What accomplishments do you see yourself achieving in the next 5 to 10 years?

Well, It’ll be raising as many young people to become established.

Which qualities do you think make a great Gospel musician?

A good character, Hard Work, Consistency, a Prayerful life, Innovative, Current and be a Hustler.

What advice do you have for your fans, friends and family reading this interview?

Put your house in order, Jesus Christ is coming soon.


For further information about Praise Peterson, visit his website below.




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  1. This is so awesome Apostle Praise Peterson is a great man I know him personally he loves to see other people growing up in every sector like as for me I am a Peccutionist he featured me in his projects and I am happy for him and may God grand him more opportunities in life.

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